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Injection molds

Injection molds made with the latest technology for plastic injection and counting. Rdiplastics have been performed more than 1,600 molds to manufacture all sorts of plastic parts using all types of materials.

This extensive experience allows us to offer our customers optimum solutions in costs and time, being able to obtain prototypes at low cost, for it handles stereo lithography techniques, silicone molds and 3D printing.

We adapt to the way of working of our customers by providing reduced costs to achieve a quick amortization of injection molds. Rdiplastics provide turnkey time 9 days turnkey time 9 days solutions and optimizing the time of manufacture of molds for plastic injection using our equipment costs workers with manufacturing capacity of over 20,000 hours annually, supplemented erosion CNC machines, high-speed milling all supported by our area of design and technical office where handle 3D programs such as Cimatron, Solid Works, Power Thousand, AutoCAD.


More than 50 years of experience


More than 8500 designs made


Over 1600 molds made

Factors for the manufacture of injection molds

Materials for the manufacture of injection molds

• Integral Steels temple 23.44, Stavax for the base.

• Vacuum hardened steels at 52 … 54 Rockwell Steels for insert in die casting moulds.

• Integral temple steels for figures.

Injection molds manufacturing elements

Injection molds manufacturing elements are optimized according to the characteristics and number of units to be manufactured to reduce production costs.

Systems in molds injection

Casting systems in the molds are designed so that the media path is as short as possible to avoid loss of pressure or heat that influence the cost and quality of the piece.

Entries at the injection molds

Entries in molds are distributed and optimized according to the geometry of the part and the type of thermoplastic injected as has great influence on the quality of the piece.

Mold temperature control

Cooling and temperature control of the mold is another factor to consider when injecting, using oil, air or water depending on the elements used in the mold.

Unmolding and expulsion of gases

Extraction systems and out gassing are designed with the best techniques based extractors or sliding to avoid deterioration in injection processes and useful life of the molds.

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