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Molds making for plastic injection

Rdiplastics have the latest technology for the manufacture of molds for plastic injection and know-how of 50 years to guarantee the success of projects

Manufacture of molds for plastic injection requires significant technical knowledge and experience, as each project is unique, and therefore the experience is more important than in other industrial sectors. Our know-how in the manufacture of molds, allows us to offer our customers optimal solutions, both in the design solution for mold making and the choice of the appropriate plastic material to be injected depending on the technical requirement needed by the customer or process (friction, low or high temperature, color, elasticity, toughness, memory …)

We have the latest technology for making molds that allow injection of all kinds of technical materials for high requirement, with the highest quality standards.We control all processes in our production facilities molds in the EU, allowing us to ensure the highest quality in the injection of plastics technical and plastic products.


More than 50 years of experience


More than 8500 designs made


Over 1600 molds made

How do we guarantee the quality of our molds?

Analysis of requirements

The process of the project injection mold begins with the needs of the customer in terms of: type of piece, materials that guarantees the final product specifications, dates of delivery, the number of pieces they need to manufacture and target costs.

Engineering processes

During engineering processes of mold design, materials, characteristics of plastics to inject and machine cycles are integrated, obtaining at the end of this process a document of technical specifications designs and requirements for the molds and manufactured parts.

Mold manufacture

Each element of the mold is manufactured with numerical control machines that guarantee the measurements of the parts of the mold. Once the different elements of the mold are manufactured, the final assembly will be carried out and a preproduction will be launched later to verify that the manufactured parts meet the customer's specifications.

For which sectors have we manufactured molds for plastic injection?

Rdiplastics has extensive experience in the manufacture of molds for plastic injection using all kinds of techniques in the manufacture of plastic parts for sectors such as:

Toy industry
Electoral systems
Laser systems
PLV’s manufacturing
OTC industry
Laboratories R & D + I
Industrial electronics
Consumer electronics
Computer industry
Home appliances
Heating systems

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