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Rdiplastics has developed projects from the design phase through the molds making  to the injection of plastic parts of lenses, luminaries and protectors for LED in sectors such as automotive or lighting companies.

Currently the signage sector is suffering a great development due to the massive entry of products based on LED technology. Rdiplastics has more than 10 years of experience in the world of LED as manufacturers of REFLECTORS, LENSES and COLIMADORES specially designed for LED.

LED technology has advanced significantly in recent years, and allows developments to be impossible until now for many signaling and security applications.

The consumptions of a LED luminary with respect to a Halogen luminary can be between 60-70% lower.

LED technology also enables certain features that have been very expensive and, at times, impossible to perform, such as the possibility of directing light, since the LED light moves in only one range.

One of the main activities of Rdiplastics is the manufacture of luminaries, lenses and protectors in both polycarbonate (PC) and methacrylates (PMMA).

The lenses and luminaries can be manufactured transparent, colored or opaque colored. Polycarbonates and methacrylates can be added to achieve mechanical or transmittance properties.

During the 40 years of experience in plastic injection, we have manufactured hundreds of thousands of luminaries for all police forces, fire fighters, army, cranes, ambulances around the world. This accumulated experience allows us to speak knowingly of all possible problems when manufacturing lenses, lighting and protective, and what is the best solution for each problem.

These 40 years manufacturing molds and injecting plastic parts for the automotive industry has given us a great experience about what the problems and solutions to the problems caused by lenses and lights, and plastic parts generally exposed to outdoor.

Luminaire quality controls

Working in the automotive sector and especially in plastic injection of  lenses and luminaries, requires us to maintain a quality system updated and according to each era. For all this, we perform the most demanding quality controls, achieving excellent quality indexes, and thus being able to offer very competitive prices for our customers. To achieve this quality objective, we carry out:

  • Material traceability
  • Controls on machine
  • Flying checkpoints
  • Controls on the finished product

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