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Plastic engineering – IDI

We analyze the plastic materials and the most appropriate combinations to the environmental and operating conditions of each product

In the engineering department of plastics provides the services of analysis of plastics so that the final product meets the required specifications, highlighting the extensive experience in knowledge and use with loads and without loads of plastic materials.

The choice of the most appropriate thermoplastic material should not be left to chance or to the most common materials: PP, PE, PS, ABS and RUBBER.

The range of possibilities when choosing the most suitable material for your product is huge. Only having a plastic engineering team, used to assume challenges and with great knowledge acquired in many multidisciplinary projects, you can advise which the best option for your project is.

The usual concept of thermoplastics is limited to products of great consumption, with few technical requirements, nothing more out of reality, thermoplastics can be considered as high-performance materials adapted to the new demands of a sustainable world. The new materials have properties very adjusted to the needs to the concept that most consumers are not used: magnetism, thermal conductor, electrical conductor, custom densities, resistant to ultraviolet rays, flame retardant, grapheme compounds…

Technical plasticsPolycarbonate PCAPEC
Metacrilato PMMAPolisulfona PAPolisulfona PSU
PES polyethersulfonePEEKTeflon PTFE


In the area of engineering plastics we have the backing of the leading suppliers of plastics such as: General Electric, Dupont, Bayer, Basf, Dow Chemical, ATO, BP…

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