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Face protection shields

Do you need face protection shields?
✅Face shields used in hospitals
✅CEE certificated

The face protection shields provide effective protection against splashes in environments of bacteriological contamination. Rdiplastics anti-splash face shields are currently being used in hospitals by healthcare personnel as additional personal protective equipment to prevent transmission of Covid-19.

The best materials have been used to manufacture the face shields. The elements that make up the face shield are:

  • Support with rotation system
  • Transparent sheet for maximum visibility
  • Ergonomic fit system

The transparent foil holder of the face shield makes it easy to replace the foil. It is equipped with a turning system that allows the screen to be lifted when protection is not necessary, facilitating daily actions without removing it.

The transparent sheet has been tested and meets the most demanding regulations in terms of visibility. This allows you to carry out any type of task with total comfort.

Pantallas de protección facial homologadas

The face protector has a rubber band that allows it to be easily adjusted to the characteristics of any person.

The maintenance of the face visors is intended to keep the screen and its components in the best state of use. To prolong its useful life and performance, you only have to carry out a few simple maintenance tasks:

  • When not in use, store it in a protective plastic bag.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure that can affect the transparent sheet.
  • Wash the transparent screen with any neutral soap suitable for hand washing or shower gel. Once washed, dry it with any soft fabric garment (cotton, micro-fiber).
  • It can be disinfected according to the protocols established for COVID19.


Face protection shields certifications

The face protector have the following certifications:

  • Splash protection. UNE-EN 166 -2002
  • Individual eye protection. Optical test. UNE-EN 167 -2002
  • Eye protection. Non optical test. UNE-EN 168 -2002
  • CEE certification

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