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Elements for the manufacture of injection molds

The engineering of injection molds of Rdiplastics allows to contribute innovative solutions to the needs of the customers controlling that the processes realize in the schedule times.

In Rdiplastics we are manufacturers of injection molds and we take into account all the factors involved in the manufacture of injection molds, reducing costs and optimizing the following processes:

• In the execution of the manufacture of injection molds it is necessary to identify if the mold has to be two plates or three plates, using in the first case hot channel, cold channel or normal runner and in the second case hot channel and cold channel.

• Location of the cavities that will follow a symmetric or series distribution.

• In the design phase of the mold also take into account the different systems of castings, selecting the best choice between the systems of normal runner, point, laminar, pedicular or rectangular.

• Another factor to consider when injecting is how to cool and regulate the temperature of the injection mold usually used for oil or water surfaces and in the case of figures we will use oil, air or water.

• Extraction systems are one of the fundamental factors to be taken into account and in the case of plastic injection we will use techniques based on air extractors, jaws or slides. In short, the best techniques to achieve demoulding and the expulsion of gases.

• The correct exit of the gases is a very important factor since it can produce important deteriorations in the process of injection and useful life of the molds.

• Depending on the piece of plastic to be manufactured and the number of pieces, we will proceed to select the most suitable materials for the manufacture of the injection mold by choosing:

  • Steel of integral tempering, cementing, bonus without alloy for the base.
  • Integral tempering steel, cementing, bonus for inserts and plates.
  • Integral tempering steel, cementing for figures.

In the case of short productions will also be studied other types of materials such as aluminum, etc.

Fabricacion de moldes


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