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Use of polyamides in motor supports

The use of polyamide resins , is a good option when replacing metal in motor supports. Mainly the use of these components stabilizes and aligns the motor, in a short period of time and in this way, shortens the standard development cycle of aluminum casting, also produces less impact and has a reduced cost.

Plastics have the advantage of improving the efficiency of the engines and increase comfort and safety in driving, as these polyamides can withstand high static loads and engine stress.

The benefits referred to the improvement of driving, are also carried out thanks to the absorption capacity of these materials, which reduce noise, vibration and hardness to give rise to the perfect union of strength, rigidity and creep, deformation and fatigue to cope with the load and stress of the engine. It also has another advantage: the low heat conductivity of the materials against metals, helping to reduce the aging of the piece and surrounding components.

There is the possibility of performing a computer simulation, to analyze the optimization of molding materials and their properties to detect any structural weakness in their design, in this way the preliminary results of the test are checked, before proceeding to the real test on the support the motor.

Polyamides are a viable alternative, an efficient solution for the global automotive industry that develops a versatile function as an engineering component, thanks to its dimensional stability and retention of mechanical properties, which are the properties that make them resistant to high temperatures (a more than 250ºC), they also show resistance to aggressive gases and liquids, such as fuels, lubricants, combustion products or salt water. In addition to the integration of various functions such as cost efficiency in production and assembly.

High performance materials at low cost, in high and low power motors. The versatility of injection molding technology facilitates the production process of pressure valves in engines, taking into account the complexity of the part in question and all the advantages over the driving mechanism.

For more information on polyamides and their use in engines visit our official web page or please contact us by phone.

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