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Special polyamides


Much of the production of RDI Plastics is dedicated to the manufacture of molds and the injection of plastics, polyamides and modified polyamides, more commonly called Nylon. The polyamide species are types of polymer that contain amide bonds. Polyamides can be found in nature, such as wool or silk, and can also be synthetic, such as nylon or Kevlar.
The first polyamides were synthesized by a US company, by the team led by the chemist Wallace Hume Carothers, who began working at the firm in 1928. Polyamides such as nylon began to be used as synthetic fibers, although they have ended up being used in the manufacture of any plastic.
Aramids are a type of polyamide in which there are aromatic groups forming part of its structure. For example, fibers that are highly resistant to traction, such as Kevlar, or fibers that are also highly resistant to fire, such as Nomex, are obtained.
Polyamides can be added with fiberglass, molybdenum, graphite, Teflon … with this we can increase resistance to friction, heat, increase impact, dimensional stability … We can also find fire retardants.


Among the most used polyamides are:

  • PA6
  • PA66
  • PA46
  • PA+FV
  • PA+microspheres
  • PA+MSO2

Special polyamides are medium-priced materials, which has as main characteristic a good impact resistance accompanied by a good and easy transformation, it is widely used in plastic parts for automotive, industrial equipment, machinery, gears, supports, and in general in parts that suffer mechanically. Special reference should be made to polyamides loaded with heavy metals and Teflon for parts development that require resistance to friction.

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