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Polycarbonate / Blend


El Polycarbonate / PC is a group of thermoplastics easy to work, mold and thermoform, and are widely used. The name is based on that they are polymers that have functional groups joined by carbonate groups in a long molecular chain.[/highlighter]
Polycarbonate / PC, is a material of the so-called technicians, with high mechanical performance and / or light transmittance, between 92-94% for special degrees of transmittance.
The natural polycarbonate is transparent so it is colored in opaque or transparent colors very easily.
Metacrylate / PMMA, The methacrylate / PMMA, is a material of the so-called technicians, with medium mechanical and/or high transmittance of light, reaching values of 98% of light transmittance. A large part of our production is concentrated in the design and manufacture of molds for lenses, luminaires, reflectors, and plastic polycarbonate/PC and methacrylate / PMMA injection parts.
Polycarbonate / PA is very common in homes, laboratories and in industry due to its three main qualities: high resistance to impacts and temperature as well as its optical.


This plastic material is used in a wide variety of fields:

  • Optics: used to create lenses for all types of glasses.
  • Electronics: they are used as raw material for CD, DVD and some components of computers.
  • Security: bulletproof glasses and anti-riot shields of the police.
  • Design and architecture: coverage of spaces and design applications.

Polycarbonate / PC, we can find it with fiberglass, fireproof, ultraviolet, … The manufacture of molds and the injection of these two plastic materials requires high technical knowledge and experience. The high working temperatures required for the plastic injection and the cleaning requirements for its handling make the transformation of this material one of the most complex.

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