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Sustainable modern plastic

More than 5 decades ago, plastic PVC and other modern plastics promote the advancement of the industry and are fundamental sustainable materials in the functioning of modern life. The PVC has infinite applications, since it can be flexible or rigid, with it they manufacture parts and utilities of low cost and long life that save energy and optimize the ecological processes of alternative energies.

Why is PVC a modern sustainable plastic material?

Sustainability of PVC plastic material lies in the energy savings obtained in the manufacture of billions of useful pieces for the industry and the home, as well as offering great advantages in thermal insulation by reducing energy expenditure in homes.

The flexible vinyl is lightweight, and the mechanical parts of this material help to save fuel and allow optimizing the processes in the automotive industry.

The production of PVC has greatly reduced the irradiation of gases that create the greenhouse effect, and the process creates highly resistant pieces that reduce consumption and plastic waste, because the material lasts many years and in most cases can be Recycled.

Much of the production of PVC consumes sustainable materials and less hydrocarbon resources, since the development of this material has allowed the manufacture of PVC polymer with a high percentage of sea salt. This process produces very little waste; the material is not degraded and is not toxic to human health or the animal or plant environment.

Use of sustainable modern plastic in environmental care

The use of PVC and other modern sustainable plastic materials favor efforts to create a healthier environment. Plastic materials are essential for the production of wind turbines that capture wind energy, because the blades of modern wind energy mills are manufactured with high-strength plastics.

Likewise, sustainable modern plastic is one of the inputs with which solar panels are produced, a source of sustainable energy that is increasingly used for its energy efficiency and the benefits it provides for the care of the environment.

Today, sustainable development would be impossible without plastic material. Ultra light polymer parts are essential to lighten the load on airplanes and other means of transport, which allows considerable energy savings.

The plastic allows, in various industrial processes, to optimize consumption by improving the processes for a better energy and productive efficiency and a better quality of life on our planet.

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