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The plastic display at the point of sale

PLV plastic displays, whether they are transparent or manufactured in the colors of the brand and printed with the logo, are of great benefit in the display of products at the point of sale. A plastic display of special design tailored to each company highlights the product, makes it quickly recognizable and perpetuates the memory of the brand in the mind of the consumer.

The good design exhibitor increases sales

 The exhibitors or exhibitors of products are a very important part in the diffusion of the brand in the point of sale, and allow maintaining a correct organization and cleaning of the articles, giving a professional image to the company and increasing the prestige of the brand.

  In order to keep the display in good condition, today they are made of high resistance plastic PLV, material that allows innovative designs tailored to the client, with specific characteristics according to the article to be exhibited. A plastic display can be hung on the wall, leaning on a desk, placed on a shelf, or stand on its own, and there are many more varieties of movable plastic displays, which allow maintaining a large number of items without occupying an excessive space.

The plastic exhibitors may have very different characteristics, but the most important thing when it comes to attracting attention at the point of sale is the design of the exhibitor and its strategic position in the store. And it is possible that these two characteristics are closely linked, it is very likely that the owner of the establishment choose to give visual preference to a display of quality plastic with a sophisticated design, giving his consent to be in the prominent place of your business.

The relationship between the good exposure of the products and the increase in sales is a point that has been verified by all the experts in marketing and has led to an extensive literature on merchandising and exhibition of items at the point of sale. That is why these exhibitors are the choice of companies that want to highlight their products, attract new prospects and give good service to their customers, in addition to having a good cost-quality ratio and thanks to the resistant plastic PLV have a useful life extremely prolonged.

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