Plastic cups at the best price - Buy your glasses at Rdiplastics
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Plastic cups

We have a wide range of plastic cups in different models, formats, quality, materials and colors.

All our models are specially designed to be washed in industrial dishwashers, and have a high resistance to grating. Plastic cups are especially useful and durable for hotels, restaurants, catering companies.

The main feature of the polycarbonate cup is its durability, which makes it very profitable in terms of use.

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In Rdiplastics we can customize the plastic cups with your logo, so that they adapt to your needs, through the use of screen printing, pad printing, they can also be made in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes.

We also have plastic cups with lids for use in hospitality applications at the best prices.

Measurements 350 ml 290 ml 150 ml Tube 350 ml Tube 290 ml
Top diameter (mm.) 74 70 55 60 55
Bottom Diameter (mm.) 57 54 45 54 45
Height (mm.) 131 111 90 165 157

Note: “To see more details about a particular model positioned above the box on the top table”

In case you need a glass of custom plastic shape or size, do not hesitate to ask for budget. We have long experience and the production of millions of glasses of all kinds.

Features polycarbonate Polystyrene Polypropylene
Washable X X X
High impact resistance X X
Low impact resistance X
High durability X X
Low durability X
Glass appearance X X
Translucent appearance X
PPossibility of colors X X X

We also have plastic cups, a wide range of sauceboat for hotels and restaurants.

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