Safe and healthy plastic cups at the best price in Rdiplastics
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Safe and healthy plastic cups

The latest in plastic cups insures the safety of those who use them and their surroundings, since they do not present risks of injuries -they are unbreakable– they do not deform, nor release material that could affect health. Recent studies confirm that the polycarbonate cups are safe plastic cups for human health and the environment.

Plastic cup presents no health risks

The preconception that the plastic cup is not safe is based on misinformation, since scientific studies have shown that the polycarbonate cup belongs to the group of safe, healthy plastic cups and represents no risk to the health consumer.

Tacking as a reference the data of the US Environmental Protection Agency, a person would have to ingest daily more than 600 kilos of food and drinks daily in polycarbonate containers throughout his life so that he could be affected in some way by the material and the SCF (Scientific Committee of the European Commission on Human food) has confirmed the polycarbonate plastic cup as a 100% safe material for use in beverages and foods.

The Food Scientific Committee of the European Union, the Food Standards Agency in the UK, The Food and Drug Administration USA. , The Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare and other health regulatory agencies around the world, confirm the stability of the material and healthy characteristics of polycarbonate cup.

Polycarbonate safety glass

Insurance polycarbonate plastic cups are healthy for any use, because the material is inert, non-toxic or present a risk to health. It is also a sustainable material use, because of its high durability and the possibility of being able to recycle.

In this way and given the new technologies, it has been possible to arrive at the design and production of a glass that has all the advantages of glass -transparency, strength and security and lacks all its disadvantages Insecurity to breakages, little practicality and processes of expensive and complex recycling. In this frame, the unbreakable polycarbonate glass tableware is emerging as the tableware of the future.

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