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Disposable cup or reusable cup

If we think of a plastic cup to use at home, in the office or at an event, we may not be sure of the best option, in terms of price, quality and efficiency. Is it better to have an economical glass that can be thrown away or a plastic cup that can be used innumerable times? Each one has its advantages and this depends to a large extent on the assessment made of them.

vaso reutilizable

The disposable cup versus the reusable cup

Disposable plastic cups and reusable plastic cups have similar characteristics; however there is a big difference between one and the other. When buying a plastic cup, first of all we have to think about our needs according to the use we are going to give it. And to make the choice simpler, we can refer to a comparative table on the advantages of these two types of plastic cups.

Advantages of the disposable plastic cup:

  • They are practical and safe
  • Save washing and drying work
  • They are economical
  • They’re healthy
  • They are lightweight and ideal for travel
  • They have different uses in cold drinks and / or desserts

Advantages of the reusable plastic cup:

  • They wash easily
  • Stacked and transported easily
  • They are more economical in the long term
  • They’re healthy
  • They do not deform
  • They are aesthetically pleasing
  • They are unbreakable and safe for children
  • They are safe for hot and cold drinks containers
  • They are available in colors, with lid, etc.
  • They can be printed with logos or images
  • They can be ordered as a special design
  • They are more environmentally friendly

In the disposable or reusable plastic cup models there is a wide range of options to choose from, as both single-use cups and multi-use cups are manufactured with different materials, designs and colors, opening a wide range of possibilities to the time to choose a practical and economical glass that has all the characteristics to be the tableware of the future.

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