What is Flexible PVC? Information of main uses | Rdiplastics
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What is Flexible PVC? Information of main uses | Rdiplastics

Those who do not know the material, say flexible PVC may sound like a contradiction is not PVC an extremely hard material? The answer is relative, because this material has several degrees of hardness and PVC becomes flexible through the addition of plasticizers, and even such a degree of malleability is achieved that it is used in the textile industry, in the manufacture of electric cables or in bags. to store blood, among other uses.


PVC has several degrees of hardness measured in Shores. And depending on the products to be manufactured, the flexibility of the material varies in a normal range of 35 to 90 Shores.

This allows obtaining malleable PVC, ewhich can have various additives as protection against fire, against chemicals and against UV rays.

Some end products in flexible PVC are optimal for pharmaceutical use, as the material is non-toxic, stable, and resistant, withstands temperature changes, is optimal for the sterilization process and is biocompatible in organic media, an indispensable condition for safe use in medicine. The most well-known supplies are ampoules, blood bags, medical gloves and materials for blood transfusions.

In addition to medical use, flexible PVC is ideal for electrical applications as it is an excellent insulator. Another use where it achieves higher qualifications is in the manufacture of automotive components, because the fuel savings that involves the use of a lightweight material is considered a significant advance in the automotive industry.

Naming all the applications of flexible PVC is almost impossible, because so many uses are given to this material as the differences between one and another product. PVC is anticorrosive and used in construction where it provides multiple utilities: pipes, frames for openings, fibers, waterproofing membranes, insulating material, and so on.

In the manufacture of accessories for the garden, flexible PVC has a variety of utilities that range from the manufacture of furniture, swimming pools, hoses or waterproof covers. This material also produces toys, office equipment, shoe soles, protectors, textiles, coatings, bags, tents, blankets, tarpaulins and linings for the interior or exterior.

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