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What is POM?

The custom of modern life prevents us from noticing the value of the materials that make our lives more comfortable, as well as the usefulness of each of the pieces that are part of the utilities that we use every day. This is the case of the POM, also called acetylic resin, which is a plastic material that has multiple uses and is little known, despite the innumerable benefits it gives us in daily life.

What is the Polyoxymethylene - POM

Polyoxymethylene – POM Utilities

When you wake up this morning, you have probably started a Polyoxymethylene-POM machine without fully assessing the usefulness of this useful and unknown material. And when leaving home, you’ve put on a coat quickly, thanks to a zipper made of POM.

When you get into your car, you have been able to get to work on time thanks to the Polyoxymethylene-POM mechanisms that are scattered throughout the vehicle’s machinery, whether in the housing, the gears, the fuel emitter, the chains, the springs, the valves, the fractions of the pump, the screws, and infinity of pieces that facilitate your daily mobility.

When you arrive at the office, you have been able to close the vehicle and keep it safe thanks to a POM lock system. In this way the day will pass and you will pass through your hands countless objects made of this quality plastic.

Polyoxymethylene – POM – Acetyl – Acetyl resin

The POM, also called acetyl or acetyl resin, is a very hard self-lubricating plastic and white, although it is usually colored with the most varied shades.

It is a semi crystalline polymer with a low coefficient of friction, resistant to heat and abrasion, with low water absorption and optimal electrical properties.

The Polyoxymethylene – POM is used in high performance engineering parts, especially those that are exposed to friction, wear or slip, in the automotive or electronics industry. However, the use of the POM has spread to various areas and today pieces of acetyl resin are manufactured for a wide variety of uses, such as pieces for furniture, medical supplies, sports accessories and household supplies.

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