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Plastic supplies for sports safety

Sports in general report innumerable benefits, provided that physical activity is developed in a controlled and safe way by using the appropriate protectors for each discipline, whether helmets, mouth guards, gloves, masks and baseball guards, swimming and diving pieces. , among others, in addition to other safety elements for the sports environment used in courts, stadiums and swimming pools.

Helmets and plastic protectors for sport

The polycarbonate, ABS, PET and EPS protective helmets are designed specifically for bicycle, soccer, motocross and hockey practices, as well as other elements such as thermoformed protectors that protect the mouth.

With other plastics, such as acetyl resin, various little-known sports products are produced, such as ski fixers.

In general, all sports protectors are made with some type of hard plastic; it is a lightweight material of great strength that meets all the requirements to perform a sports practice safely.

Sports safety in facilities

Other plastic supplies for sports clubs and recreational spaces allow activities to develop more safely, such as polypropylene pool protectors, which remain undamaged to sun exposure for many years, are easy to use and maintenance and contribute to a safe recreational space for young children.

Sports safety in establishments in which water sports are carried out, are carried out using plastic elements that perform various functions, such as avoiding slips, isolating from the cold, as well as fulfilling the vital functions for underwater resistance.

Other plastic components are so versatile that they are used in sports environments as diverse as dissimilar, such as polyurethane foam mats, high density polyethylene and nylon equipment for gymnastics.

Plastic is also present in the most elementary equipment for courts and stadiums. One of the uses of plastic that is increasingly used for the advantages it provides in terms of its performance and life is synthetic grass made of sheets that mimic the texture of the grass, which is nothing more than plastic polypropylene, polyethylene or nylon.

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