Could be the glass replaced by polycarbonate? Consult it in Rdiplastics
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Can polycarbonate replace glass?

El Polycarbonate (PC) and methacrylates are two high-strength plastics that are increasingly used, both for their resistance and for their crystalline. The methacrylates, for example, reaches values of up to 98% of light transmission, which is a better transparency than several types of glass and has all the virtues of glass plus an extremely useful feature, which is to be virtually indestructible.

Polycarbonate versus glass

Polycarbonate is a material that increasingly replaces glass in various areas, since it has the same advantages as glass, as being inert and therefore not contaminating, as well as others that glass does not have, such as being practically indestructible, and therefore, more secure, practical and economical.

In various modern environments, the use of polycarbonate adds to the benefits of glass additional benefits, both for its price, its transparency and its great resistance. This is the case of a glass roof, for example, which is increasingly used for the energy savings it provides, being fundamental in this case the safety that represents the use of a lighter and stronger material than glass, as it is considered that polycarbonate can withstand very important impacts, approximately 200 times greater than those that a thick glass supports.

Other advantages of polycarbonate are that it is insulating, withstands high temperatures, can be cold-curved and obstructs 98% of ultraviolet rays. In addition to all these technical and practical benefits, we must add its aesthetic beauty. Polycarbonate is transparent – as much or more than some types of glass – and you can also buy colored polycarbonate, a product that greatly expands the possibilities in interior design and adds beauty, modernity and creativity to the decoration.

Polycarbonate is a material in constant research and development that has some disadvantages in relation to glass, and one of them is that it can not be used in food packaging. However, polycarbonate is appreciated in other areas, such as construction, and is a product that allows quality and long life utility articles to be manufactured to all pockets.

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