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Clean room

RDI has more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture of molds and plastic injection. In order to extend the service to our customers we have a clean room for the injection of plastics, ISO 7 – CLASS C.

The injection of plastic pieces in a clean room requires the highest quality standards. Rdiplastics have the ISO 9001 Tüv Rheinland, which guarantees that the injection of plastic parts is carried out under the best possible control and supervision.

50 years of experience give us the ability to offer our customers the optimal solution both in design and material for the manufacture of plastic parts in clean room.


The primary objective of manufacturing in clean room, is to avoid that the material with which you work is contaminated by microorganisms of the environment, the controls are:

  • The air that enters the room is sterile since it has been filtered to remove suspended particles and microorganisms. It is renewed completely several times per hour so as not to accumulate dust.
  • The clean room is maintained on a scale of pressures slightly higher than that of the outside, so that when the doors are opened the air comes out and no outside air can enter, contaminated with microorganisms.
  • The walls are covered with vinyl and the corners are rounded, to avoid accumulations of dirt.
  • Operators should wear special suits so as not to carry pollutants or generate dust particles.
  • The locks maintain the pressure differences between the rooms and isolate them from the outside.
  • HEPA filters are used to prevent the entry of particles in the room.

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