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Acetal resin / POM

Acetal resin more commonly known as “Acetal” or “POM”, is a plastic material called self-lubricated.

Acetal resin / OM is characterized by its high strength, hardness and stiffness at -40 ° C. POM is intrinsically opaque white, due to its high crystalline composition, but it is available in all colors. POM has a density of ρ = 1.410 to 1.420 g / cm 3.

Acetal resin / homopolymer POM is a semi-crystalline polymer (75-85% crystalline) with a melting point of 175 ° Celsius.

POM copolymer has a slightly lower melting point of 162-173 ° Celsius.

POM is a tough material with a very low coefficient of friction. However, it is susceptible to degradation of the polymer catalyzed by acids, so both types of polymers are stabilized.


Acetal resin / POM has the following advantages:

  • Abrasion high resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • High heat resistance
  • Good electrical and dielectric properties
  • Low water absorption

Acetal resin / POM, are materials specially indicated for parts that suffer friction and / or sliding, pinions, sliding rulinas, guides.

  • Mechanical: gears, slides and guiding elements, parts of the casing, springs, chains, screws, nuts, fan wheels, pump parts, valve bodies.
  • Electrical Engineering: insulators, coils, connectors, parts of electronic devices such as televisions, telephones, etc.
  • VVehicle: fuel emitter, electric windows, lock systems, articulated systems, vehicle depots, etc.
  • Medical: insulin pen, metered dose inhalers (MDI).
  • Furniture: locks, handles, hinges.
  • Construction: structural glass – support for point doses.
  • Sports: Paintball accessories. It is often used for machined parts of paintball markers that do not require the strength of aluminum, such as handles and piston pins. POM is also used in airsoft guns, in order to reduce piston noise.
  • Clothing: zippers.
  • Dining room: Fully automatic coffee makers, knife handles.

Acetal resin / POM is presented in granulated form and can be formed into the desired shape by the application of heat and pressure.The two most common training methods used are injection molding and extrusion. Rotational and blow molding are also possible..

Typical applications for POM plastic injection include highly engineered performance components (eg, cogwheels, ski bindings, fasteners, locking systems) and the material is widely used in the automotive and consumer electronics industry. There are special types that offer higher mechanical strength stiffness or low friction / wear properties.

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